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As an all time beauty lover I am always looking for the next 'must have' beauty item. I spend a lot of time on social media accounts and looking for new products I'd love to try and go on to share my experience with my readers. I'm PR friendly and if you would like me to review a product of yours that would suit my blogging style please contact me through any of the list below:

Via e-mail:
Via a DM on Twitter: @lucybrooke_
Or Via a DM with pictures on Instagram: @lucysbrooke

Disclaimer: I always give the most honest reviews of products and PR sent items, this way my readers will always feel that they are being given a clear and honest representation. I also place a disclaimer in the introduction if any items are sent to me. If there is any information you would like me to include when writing a post please inform me at the time of agreement. I am also happy to send draft posts back to your team in order to make sure everyone is happy with the published post. 

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