14 December 2016

Blogmas Day 14 - ShaaanXO

I bought this palette that month when Beauty Bay sent an email out stating that they were now stocking BHCosmetics. This ShaaanXO palette has been on my wishlist for ages now but I had accepted that until I next went to USA it wasn't going to be mine! The palette features 9 Lipstick Shades and 9 Eye-shadows (you may recognise the colours from controversy surrounding the original Kyshadow palette). This palette makes a really great present as it's not only cheap, RRP £16, but also great quality. The shadows are highly pigmented and such a great range of neutral mattes/shimmers. 

Although I do not see myself using this side of the palette I do still think it's a great idea! You get 9 lipstick shades (From top left to right) a terracotta, a peach, a true red, a dark brow, a violet, a barbie pink, a brown nude, a deep red and a deep brown. It's a great range whether you're just starting out or love makeup like me! The formulas leave a creme-sheen effect on the lips which is long lasting but will need to be re-applied. The only down side is that this kit does not come with a lip brush so you'll have to grab your own one (I love the Spectrum Collections A15 Brush)

When Kylie Jenner released her first palette, Kyshadow Bronze, this was thrown all over the internet ad the palette she had taken 'inspiration' from. However there is a very large difference in the price tag! The shades are great for me personally as I love neutral palettes and find I get so much more use out of them. There's also a range of shimmers and mattes too. There's a: base shade (matte), light shimmer, brown shimmer, yellow (matte), dark brown shimmer, burgundy (matte), lilac shimmer, green based shimmer and a black (matte).

Lucy XO

ShaaanXO Palette: on Beauty Bay

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