18 June 2015

Spectrum Collections


Yesterday I received the most beautiful makeup product I do believe I have ever owned. Since purchasing this set I have eagerly been awaiting the Hermes Courier to knock on my door with a lavender parcel and here it is...

As you can see (by the very cute dog-to-box scale) this parcel was not exactly small but what was inside was far more beautiful ...

I introduce to you the Glam Clam created by Spectrum Collection. From the new Atlantis Range this shell set screams mermaid vibes and make you feel the money you spent was more than worth it! (and that's without opening the rose gold zip) Spectrum Collections are a cosmetics brush brand who specialise in boldly designed makeup brushes, applicators and tools, where appealing vibrant colours are teamed with expert designs. All of their brushes are hand finished, vegan and animal friendly. Furthermore they are composed of the highest quality synthetic hair ensuring he brushes are not only irresistibly soft but are also a compassionate choice. Personally I have seen nothing like these designs on the market and Spectrum Collections unique designs presents a vibrant range of alternative brushes that are sure to be loved by makeup fanatics world wide.

'Calling all mermaids - the Glam Clam is your must-have beauty buy'
The Glam Clam is part of the newly launched Atlantis Collection, this limited edition set contains 10 of Spectrum Collections best selling brushes in an exclusive new colour. The set includes essentials for face, eyes and lips, if you want to create flawless looking makeup this is the brush set to get you started! The Glam Clam set includes; flat top buffer, large domed powder,  small angled blush, buffing concealer, large fluffy shader, tall tapered blender, small angled blender, angled brow, lip liner and eyeliner! (You get a lot for the £59.99 price tag) All enclosed by the gorgeous clam shell clutch, finished in a lilac faux leather with rose gold detailing.

The Glam Clam is a must have and the Spectrum Collection team are the most helpful I have ever had the pleasure to talk to! They are on Instagram @spectrumcollections or Twitter @spectrumcollections and Facebook. 
Lucy XO


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