21 June 2016

Kylie Lip Kit : Part 1

Please do not judge me in buying 2 of the Lip Kits, I understand the 'hype' and controversy that has been around the Kylie Cosmetics brand and I assure you I made sure to read every article I could find before making this purchase. I often steer away from 'Celebrity' endorsed products just because there is always something that goes wrong with them or the production. (hence why you'll never see me post on Jeffree Stars products) The Kylie Lip Kits have been one of the most hyped up products of 2016 and now I own one I can truly understand why. Kylie (and her team) have worked hard on these kits and it shows. The formula is creamy and lovely and appears to be long wearing (I've worn this once and went out for a meal and it survived! yay!) The lip pencils are also soft but I don't find them any different from the MAC Liners. My first order was MaryJo K which is a deep true red and reminds me very much of the 1950's. 

I must admit the packaging is very pleasing to look at, the design is eye catching and really stands out. In the box You receive a Liquid Lipstick and a matching Lip Liner both with the Kylie signature and branding. The card also brings a personal touch to the packaging and includes the mouth logo with metallic teeth. When I first opened my lip kit the inside structure did disappoint me although it works it seems a little cheap and easy. To separate the lipstick and liner there's just a small piece of card, it just seems like something a cheaper company would do. 

I couldn't distinguish the smell that the lipstick is scented with at first but I believe it to be cream soda (please correct me if wrong) and I think that the scent makes a brilliant touch. It makes it less chemical and more enjoyable. I have another kit coming, Candy K, and can't wait to see if the smell is the same for every colour! The colour range is another thing I've noticed. Kylie is known for her nudes and she has made sure that there is pretty much a nude of every skin-tone in her collection, if you do a little research you'll find your perfect nude whether thats a pink/nude or a brown/nude. She's also kept her brand original with including Metal Mattes, a metallic lipstick range, and Lipglosses to use as toppers. One thing you can't fault Kylie for is her originality and she's even released blue Lip Kits for the 4th July Celebrations! (even though I don't think I'd be wearing those!) There's lots to say about the Kylie Lip Kits but I feel that until you own one you'll never know what they're truly like. The price is roughly £30 with shipping included, which considering you get a liquid lipstick and a lip liner I don't feel is that bad! The only annoyance is that the sell out so quickly but Kylie seems to be finding a way round this as she's now restocking every week so please do not buy them off of eBay for a ridiculous price! Just try and be patient. I'd also recommend researching the swatches and choosing one you really think you'll like a wear frequently so you truly get good use out of the kit.

Have you got your hands on a Kylie Lip Kit yet? Or what colours are you really excited to get?

Lucy XO


P.S. My backing paper in this post is from Tiger

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