30 July 2016

My Lip Product Collection

One of my most loved posts is one where I let you guys see all of my make-up storage and since then I've had people ask me to do some more in-depth and close up pictures of products I own. I've recently had a little clear out over on my Depop of make-up I had purchased but never saw myself using enough! Also I do own a MAC Honey Love but for some reason it went totally walkies on the day I took pictures. (hopefully I'll find it some point in the near future) So I thought where better to start then with my Lip Products - this ranges from Lipsticks to Lip Liners and so on ...

Lipstick (Left to Right): Charlotte Tilbury Glaston-Berry, MAC Matte Persistance, MUA Fawn Fancy, MAC Matte Velvet Teddy, Soap and Glory 5th Avenue, New Look Mink. 

From this picture you'll get the fact I like me a nude or two and I'm pretty certain it's totally healthy to have 5 (6 if you count the lost Honey Love) Nudes which are all almost the same shade... Right? Now hear me out they are different! New Look Mink is a great dupe for MAC Honey Love except its not matte so I wear it to work a lot where I don't want dry lips all day! Soap and Glory 5th Avenue is exactly what I believed Candy K would look like (boy was I wrong) and it's a gorgeous pink/nude that looks fab with a tan or olive skin. Now I know MAC Velvet Teddy is hard to get a hold of (Thanks Kylie) but it is a True Nude and great for pretty much any skin tone so if you can get a hold of one I'd really recommend giving it a try! MUA Fawn Fancy was sent to me by Groovypanda_ on Instagram, I love it as an everyday nude as it's more of a sheer formula but the clever packaging means you get an identical Lip Liner in the pot that screws off the bottom of the bullet! MAC Persistance is probably one of the darkest nudes they create, its perfect if your fair skin like me and I love combining this with Honey Love in the center to give an Ombre effect. This purchase was more of a little treat for me as I love Charlotte Tilbury as a brand but just cannot afford them all the time. I love their Lipsticks so decided to buy a gorgeous berry for winter, even the name is super sweet! 

Liquid Lipsticks (Left to Right): Kylie Cosmetics Mary Jo K, Kylie Cosmetics Candy K, ABH Dainty.

Liquid Lipsticks are a new concept to me and I'm still trying to fully get to grips with them. If you've read my blog for a while you'll know the Kylie Cosmetics area new purchases. Mary Jo K is a true red that sits really well on my olive skin tone whereas Candy K is fair more of a grey/nude than I thought it would be! Either way I still wear them and use the Lip Liners too. The ABH Lipstick was more of a curiosity buy, I'd heard a lot about her formula and wanted to try smething new so I plucked for Dainty which is a light pink and I do truly love it! It looks great with the Sweet Peach Eye-shadow Palette and makes me feel really girly which doesn't often happen. 

Lip Glosses/ Lip Crayons(Left to Right): ColourPop Cookie Lippie Stick, Maybelline Colour Drama in Nude Perfection, ColourPop Frida Lippie Stick, Maybelline Colour Drama in Love My Pink, NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel. 

This swatch is more of an 'everything else' category with the stuff that I didn't know which category to put in. Both of the Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick Pencils are firm favourites of mine from back when I began playing with make-up. The only difficult thing is finding a sharpener big enough to fit them in! I also LOVE ColourPop Lippie Stick and they now ship to the UK yay for me but bad news for my bank account ... There formulas are great and I'd really recommend trying them out! The shipping is calculated by weight in brackets of 500g so if the shipping seems a little much you could always add two more products and you'll get your moneys worth! I bought Frida and Cookie a while back and chose to keep them when doing my clear out as they just glide on so easily and are both true nudes, (Frida is more pink toner and Cookie more brown toned) The final product I picked up recently from the NYX Stand and I have fallen in love, the Butter Glosses don't feel sticky or heavy and give a lovely shine to your lips! 

Lip Liner (Left to Right): Maybelline Colour Sensational 338 Midnight Plum, Rimmel London Exaggerate in Addiction, Model&Co in Nude, Model&Co Lip Enhancer, Rimmel London Exaggerate in Red Diva, Maybelline Colour Sensational 132 Sweet Pink. 

I feel I use Lip Liners as Lipsticks too as they give such good coverage and last ages! I have a similar range to the Lipsticks I own with loads of nudes and then a berry or red. The red shade is part of the Exaggerate by Rimmel London collection which I adore as they are in retractable tubes that glide on and don't need sharpening! They also do a great job at creating smooth lines and can be used to over draw too. (but I never have used them for this) The Model&Co Nude Lip Enhancers are great for everyday wear and can go under a gloss also to create a more symmetrical or even lined lip. The Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Liners have a great range of colour choices and I have re-purchased these many a time so if you're looking for a starter Liner I'd defiantly start there! 

I'd love to know any products you guys recommend to add to my collection (Drug Store or High End) as I'd love to try out some new brands! Let me know in the comments below.

Lucy XO

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