12 December 2016

Blogmas Day 12 - Gift Bags

Hello Lovelies! For #Blogmas day 12 I thought I'd show you a simple idea for a present. This one in particular is designed for a girl but it could very easily be switched around to create a Gift Bag for a man in your life! I always love making up these little bags as I see them as little care packs with multiple goodies inside hat I know the person will love! They can also be use to fit a budget if you spend £10 in Primark or £50 in Debenhams the effect of a personalised gift bag is always the same.

The first thing I always include is either PJ's or Slippers as they are always needed and wanted during a cold day so never go a-miss whether your gift bag is for a woman or a man!

Inside these bags are 'smellies' (as my mum likes to call them). I found these super cute little baubles filled with shower gel that I thought would be perfect however you could include any type of toiletry you wish! Previously I have included a Lush bath bomb and even Lips scrubs. If you're planning on doing a bag for a man this could easily be swapped to their favourite shower gel or aftershave. 

Yankee Candle is loved by everyone that is something I am almost certain of. I love popping a votive sized Christmas scent that will make someones room smell amazing! I especially love the Christmas Cookie scent as it is super sweet and I've not met someone who does not like this smell! Alternatively you can find candles in pretty much every store during this time of year and you could even add a special glass for it to be placed in, or a set of matchsticks.

This is a little novelty gift but I love them. Paperchase always do a super cute set of stationary and decorations at Christmas time as well as little gifts that would slide into a gift bag lovely! I chose these stickers simple because they are cute however you could include a notepad, pens, pencils, diary or anything stationary wise! Stationary is something everyone needs and why not create a little festive smile with a cute notepad?

Of course it's me and of course there will need to be an element of beauty in any gift I give, even if it is for a man. I thought that including a base colour and glitter top coat would be super cute as then there are loads of possible nail designs someone can come up with! You can also pick and choose colours to suit the person you are gifting.

Then finally a key ring! I always find something cute and personal to include whether it's a key ring or a mobile phone case. These furry key rings are from Oasis and are so soft I couldn't not buy them. They also do a range of colours which makes it even easier to choose for someone in particular. 

I hope you've taken some inspiration from this cute, quick present idea! I'd love to know what you'd place in your gift bags too.

Lucy XO

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