11 December 2016

Blogmas Day 11 - Christmas Make-up Musts

I haven't done a Make-up Favourites post in a very long time and seeing how I am always adding to my collection I thought it would be interesting for you guys to see a few products I have been loving! These range from High-end to High street and  some of them have been long favourites since I began loving make-up.

Kylie Cosmetics - initially when Kylie Jenner brought out a make-up line I couldn't be fussed but after giving a few of her products a try I have fallen in love with the formula of her Liquid Lipsticks and her Lip Pencils! The one pictured is in the shade Exposed which is the one that would usually be used on a daily basis as it's a great everyday nude. I've also ordered one of her holiday metallics which I'm sure I shall post a blog on soon!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner - This was a recent purchase for me and I love it! It's a bit more expensive than my usual eye liners and is longer lasting so I think it is worth that price! The only part I am finding difficult is how fast it dries as when you put more than one layer it becomes flaky

Spectrum Cosmetics - I love this company, the products they make are amazing and the principles they stand for are just as great! These brushes are super soft and have lasted me ages (I got my first set about 2 years ago). Recently my boyfriend bought me the Pouchy Keen Set for my 21st Birthday which includes every one of the brushes they sell and I've been loving the A10 for applying highlighter to the high point of my face. I've also been a keen lover of the B06 in order to blend shadows into the crease.

ShaaanXO Palette - I recently jumped for joy when I saw that Beauty Bay were starting to stock BH Cosmetics items as they are one of my favourite american make-up brands. This palette had been on my wish list for a while but I was waiting until my next trip to America in order to purchase it! I love the fact it have a great range of mattes and shimmers. It also has a lipstick palette on the reverse! (If you think you've seen this palette before you probably have it caused controversy for Kylie when she released her bronze palette).

New Look Eye-shadow Stick - I've had this shadow stick lying around it my make-up collection for months and I even remember picking it up with a friend (hey Emma!) when we went shopping one Saturday and I was waiting for her at the till. I love how simple it is to create a great eye look from this one stick and love how I can place loads over my lids, blend out the edges and run out of the door within 5 minutes (as I am normally running late for University).

Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter - Everyone loves this highlighter and if you have it you probably can skip this bit to see what I think (I am joking btw...). The Balm always create such amazing high quality make-up and even though they are more expensive they are definitely worth it! I've had this product for 6 months and there is no sign I have used it (even though I basically take a shower in it every day). It's great for whether you want a subtle look (using that fan Spectrum Brush) or a more powerful look and sharp inner corner highlight (apply with a finger)!

Rimmel Brow This Way Kit - Ever since I started blogging I have never strayed away from this brow product. Yes I did try the Benefit new brow products and No I still do not think anything is better than this set. I find the was so useful to outline my eyebrows especially now one has no arch where a scar is. The powder is smooth and does not leave bits behind, and the fact you get all the tools you need every time you open a new one in the kit is a win for me (yay no washing brow gel off!). 

Tell me your faves for Christmas either via Twitter or in the Comments below!

Lucy XO

ShaaanXO Palette - (Sold Out)
New Look Eyeshadow Sticks - Check Stores!

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