16 December 2016

Blogmas Day 16 - YouTube Made Me Buy It!

We've all been there before, just watching our favourite YouTuber and then they mention a products they have been loving and you simply need it. It's not a matter of whether you have a similar palette or if you can get a drugstore dupe cheaper you just have to have that item then and there. I am very guilty of this and I'm not going to hide it. I love make-up and I love YouTube so it's a recipe for disaster. I am subscribed to several beauty 'gurus' on YouTube which makes it even worse. Chloe Morello, Nikki Tutorials, Manny MUA, Inthefrow (Victoria), Tanya Burr, Hannah Renee, Gabriella Lindley and Zoe Sugg just to name a few pop up in my subscriptions daily. Therefore my bank account hates me daily and the postman now knows me buy name but this tag has made me consider if the items are actually worth it? (Shock I know)

Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) - I bought these two lipsticks after Zoe stating either on YouTube in a time lapse of her doing her makeup or on her blog saying that they were her current faves. I do adore the NYX Liquid Suede however I'm not really sure why I actually bothered to invest in the Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick. I don't do dark lips and only do if its halloween so seeing as this is a luxury item I don't know how I justified the purchase. It's a great formula don't get me wrong, just it isn't for me and so I feel it is wasted on me!

Nikkie Tutorials - Deemed a self-taught beauty guru Nikkie has taught me how to contour like a pro and completely change a face with the application of a steady winged liner. Apart from that she also knows her stuff make-up wise. The YouTube community went mad when she started using the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm as a primer because it literally is the same thing with the same ingredients. I think every company slightly hates her for pointing out it is the fraction of the price and contains the same ingredient that make make-up stick to your skin - glycerin. This is now a holy grail product for me and I honestly can not justify spending the money on expensive primers when this does the same, if not a better, job at keeping my make-up on all day and night!

MirellaBelle Make-up - Ever since I started watching Mirella she has used the Bahama Mama powder as a contour shade so of course I went ahead and bought it however there are drugstore alternatives that are just as good. The Balm are my all time faves for highlight however Maybelline make a Master Contour that I find a better contour powder for my skin tone as it isn't as orange toned as this powder. If you're a similar skin tone to Mirella however this may be a good neutral powder for you to try!

Gabriella Lindley - During summer Gabby tried out these liners and they looked so fab with her eyes that I wanted them. They're quiet pricey for liners but I thought I would use them a lot over the summer. No prices for guessing that these are still sealed and have never been opened. I just don't think they're practical for everyday use. I can't even comment on the formula or quality as I've never used them and that's a good enough review I feel!

Chloe Morello - I feel like every YouTuber now has a collab or brand which they create products for their viewers to buy. I know that i buy all of Zoella's bits because they genuinely are amazing and when I saw the Chloe X Ciate set in my local TKMaxx at a fraction of the price my head though 'why not eh?' Although this palette is fab; and you get a mascara, lipstick and bag in the box, I do have so many other palette's that have the exact same shades. Honestly looking at these shades I think every palette uses them, there's transitions then some shimmer shadows and then some dark ones. I will end up using this purely because they are colours that I use everyday however I could find these shades in any other palette I own. 

Hannah Renee - This utter babe knows her stuff when it comes to make-up but it's a shame it is always high end make-up. Okay with this item I am just simply passing the buck as it were because I was going to get this one way or another anyway but now I have someone to blame it on it's better! This set is amazing and when I saw Hannah do a tutorial using all three palettes it made me think that maybe the price tag was worth it because you can use different parts of each palette.

These Four are just general items that every YouTuber and their Nan raved about and made me want.  As you can see a lot of them are the same shades or colour range and therefore it has made me question whether I really need that next raved about palette. I'm pretty certain that everyone who watches YouTube feels the same about the need to buy products so I don't think it will ever not make me want products but maybe we should all start to think about the stuff in our current collection before making an impulse buy! 

Lucy XO

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