17 December 2016

Blogmas Day 17 - My Current Make-Up Collection Part 1

Seeing as my Make-up Collection is constantly changing I though I'd best give you guys an up to date version of what I currently have. This is besides my every-day make-up that I keep separate. Firstly I though I'd mention the brushes I always use are from Spectrum Collections! Yes they are slightly more expensive compared ti drugstore brushes but they are also a greater quality. I bought my first set almost 2 years ago and once washed you wouldn't know they had even been used. 

Just as pretty much every other blogger out there I use acrylic storage to store my make-up. I find it easy to keep clean and easy to find the item you're looking for without having to open every draw. I also try to keep it in a sort of order so that I will know where everything is!

On top is a lift system which is a deeper compartment than the draw therefore in here I keep the pieces that simply do not fit where they should. My Z-Palette is too deep to fit in the normal draws and I just don't have enough room for the ABH palette to go in the correct draw! Maybe a sign that I do no need anymore make-up palettes. Also Make-up sponges even when wet aren't exactly small so my most recent purchase of a 'Unicorn Tear' from Spectrum Collections lives on top. 

Face Draw: In here it's pretty simply everything I use on my base. I have normal powders (Stay Matte by Rimmel is my current) Contour powder (this Maybelline Master Sculpt is fab for a drugstore contour!) and highlights (yes I do have the hyped Sleek palette but normally I use the Balm).There's a random floating sample from the Balm in this draw which I'm considering moving as it's so tiny I don't think I can use it as a blush and my normal make-up sponges from Real Techniques. As you can see there's a primer and concealer as well as a mascara sample as well as my favourite foundation from Bourjois. I am however in the middle of a love hate situation with this foundation as I have been using it for so long that I want to try something now but I just don't think any other foundation can live up to my expectations.

If you guys have any suggestion on which foundation I should try then I'd love to hear from you as I am willing to try any brand! 

Part 2 shall follow...

Lucy XO

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