18 December 2016

Blogmas Day 18 - My Current Make-Up Collection Part 2

Welcome to part two of my make-up collection! We're starting with my biggest draw which is Lipsticks and Lip Products (other than Liners - I keep them separate in a glass). I received the whole Mayebelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks whilst at London Fashion Week with Maybelline and I have loved using them ever since. They're great as a drugstore liquid lipstick and the formula is not drying at all! NYX Liquid Suede was worn by Zoella so therefore I had to own it? But it is a super lovely nude! (Like that justifies the 20 exact same shades I have). As you can see I do own three Kylie Lipsticks (all the nudes I know) and am soon to receive the Dancer Metal o add to this collection (not nude!!). Then of course there's MAC (all nude AGAIN) a YSL (I think you can guess the colour now...) a few drugstore and Charlotte Tilbury's Glaston-Berry! The ColourPop Lipsticks all came in the Autumn Bundles apart from one which I did buy out in America but I think I have a great range of shades!

My 'eye' draw is probably the most expensive as it has ended up becoming two draws (but surely that due to palette size too?). I have loads of black eyeliners as they are always drying out or just not working as well as I'd hoped so when I do find a good one I stock up! (Current fave is Kat Von D) Then the two Shadow sticks I own (New Look and LOC) and my brow sets, Brow the Way, and Glitters. I also have my largest palettes from Violet Voss both the Laura Lee and Holy Grail sets. These are probably my most frequently used palettes due to the range of colours in them! And lastly my recent purchase of the Ciate X Chloe Morello Palette which is simply beautiful! 

The final draw does look a little sparse but once again it homes some palettes. The Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette, the Morphe Little Palette and the ShaanXO palette. I used to use this as my draw for make-up I simply didn't use as much but I needed more room for palettes so I now have to just throw out stuff I do not use!

Let me know how you store your make-up and if you share any of the same pieces as I do!

Lucy XO

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