19 December 2016

Blogmas Day 19 - Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection

I thought I'd show you guys the only item that I managed to grab from Kylie's Holiday collection. Originally I had my heart set on the 4 Piece Holiday Set as it had some lovely new shades included by that sold out in about 0.2 seconds. Instead I got the Dancer Metal Lipstick and I am still just as delighted by the product! 

The Metal Lipstick is a gorgeous deep red with a lovely glitter than you can wear alone or build up. I wear this by lining my lips with a Maybelline deep red liner and covering the lips with a base layer of the same. I then apply one layer and have super festive lips to go! Now this isn't long lasting at all (which is obvious as it isn't matte) but it defiantly doesn't go patchy either! 

Thanks for reading, 
Lucy XO

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