9 July 2016

Kylie Lip Kit : Review

So I basically felt like I should let you guys know my feelings about these Lip Kits now that I've had the chance to play around with them a little. I've done posts on each kit individually which you can see on my blog but this post will be more of an opinion one so if you simply do not care what I have to say then please do not read as I've had enough of people saying I'm simply complaining about Kylie. I don't know her personally and have no opinion on her personally the only opinions I have expressed are that of her kits and I'm sorry if that will offend you. Now onto what you're really here to read...

The two kits I purchased were Mary Jo K and Candy K, both are the original shades and the simple Matte Liquid Lipstick Kits. I've seen a lot of people moan about the cost and shipping but that truly does not bother me as you get both a Lip Liner and Liquid Lipstick in the box and shipping to the UK is rather reasonable as far as I'm concerned! Also my kits arrived in perfect condition and before the 10-15 day guideline. 
Mary Jo K arrived first and I was over the moon with the product, the formulas are gorgeous and its the perfect red for me. However it is slightly patchy, which some people say I 'can't' complain about as with two coats this goes away. But why should I have to perform a double coat to get the colour pay off? I don't have to do that with any of my other liquid lipsticks! So just be warned that the patchy-ness is a problem with the darker shades. 
Now Candy K, if you follow me on twitter/instagram you'll know I've already stated how this is not the colour I thought it would be! Literally every swatch shows it as a light pink/nude on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page and as far as I am concerned that is false advertising. Furthermore two of my friends, one being fellow blogger ohitssare, have had the same problem with this shade. Someone went as far as to inform me that its because of my skin tone and I should live with it! Firstly I'm not that pale I am olive toned. Secondly I shouldn't live with it when I have paid that much and done my research. 

Sorry if this seems like a rant but it's just disappointing when you're promised high quality products and a brand just cant seem to be consistent at all times with their own products. I'll be glad to know if you managed to get a Lip Kit and if you're lucky enough to love it! I'm not saying I wont use these, as that would be a waste of money, they are just not what I expected. 

Lucy XO

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