7 July 2016

Kylie Lip Kit : Part 2

As promised here is my second lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics in the shade Candy K. This one took a little longer to arrive but I really cant complain when the guidance is 10-15 days and it only took 7 once dispatched. However unfortunately I didn't managed to dodge customs this time (luck of the draw I'm guessing) and had to pay roughly £12 to get my kit released and sent the next day. This box was in much better condition and I have therefore decided to keep both my kits in this however I must say I am more than slightly disappointed in this kit but I'm going to write a separate post on that. All I will say is even with extensive research you can be let down on the colour variants of these products.   

Once again the packaging is super cute and totally worth keeping to house your kits as I find the boxes the perfect size to throw in my handbag and reduces the risk of loosing the liner. 

So I've worn this shade a couple of time now and received compliments each time and once again the formula is lovely. The pencil seems to be even creamier than before and the liquid lipstick is a lot more pigmented so only need one coat. One thing is certain is that the boxes and product look create but there is a list of negatives which will be written about in my next Lip Kit post!

Lucy XO

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