16 July 2016

Primark Beauty Haul

After seeing a post that 'ohitssare' (check her post here) did following a trip to the huge Primark on Oxford Street I just had to do the same. She raved about the new Pro Beauty range over on her snapchat (username: ohitssare, my username: lucybrooke95) and I honestly feel the same. The make-up sponges that Primark used to do were rock hard and pretty much just ate your foundation. Now they've made new non-latex ones and they are so much easier to work with! They also do a range of brushes that mimic the MAC Artiste range! Plus I decided to pick up some of their normal brushes and tools as well as an eye shadow palette to try!

These are the brushes and tools that I believe are stocked in most, if not all, the Primark stores. There's a range of different brushes for different purposes and I picked up 2 Angled Brushes (both £1.50 each), a Concealer and Eye-shadow Brush (£1.00), a Brow Brush (£1.00) and an Angled Eye-shadow Brush (£1.00). I am however taking back the larger Angled Brush and the Concealer and Eye-shadow Brush just because the Angled Brush is too large for how I like to contour and I don't think I'll get much use out of the other! All the other brushes however are super soft and don't currently appear to be dropping hairs so far so good! I especially love the Brow Brush which has both an angled side to apply brow product and a small 'spooly' to comb through! I then picked up a set of Eye-Lash Curlers (£1.00) which will unfortunately also be returned as I have to have a spring in my curlers because my eye-lashes are so straight and thick and don't hold otherwise! Another item I'm keeping is the Brush Holder (£3.50), this will be perfect for my holiday that's coming up! I've been eyeing up one of these for a while but never got why exactly they were so expensive! The idea is that not only can you use the tube to transport your brushes safely but it can also be used as a pot to hold your brushes when your away! 

This is what I had to travel to Oxford Street for and I've checked that currently only the flagship stores (can be found on the website) have the P.S. Pro Beauty stocked inside. I picked up the 4 Pack of Mini Blender (£2.50), the Double Ended Beauty Sponge (£2.00), the Large (£4.00) Medium (£3.00) and Small (£2.50) Blending Brushes. The sponges are due to rival both Beauty Blender and Real Techniques as they are just as good as well as being super cheap and affordable! I'm so looking forward to trying these out and seeing if they can really take the place of my Real Techniques sponge. The Blending Brushes I'm not so sure about, although they are super soft and feel just like the MAC Artiste brushes I just don't really get them. I'm also not really sure how to use them so I feel a little play around is needed with these! 

I was so looking forward to trying this palette however I must say I'm a little disappointed after opening everything else! Although they look so cute in the package the pay off just isn't what I had hoped, okay yes it did only cost £2.50 but my hopes were high! As you can see by the swatches only the brown shades really show and I feel that may be due to the other shades being so sparkly! I prefer matte shades so I feel this just wasn't for me, but I'd definitely give them a try if you like sparkly shadows!

So that's my little Primark haul let me know if you manage to get your hands on any of these or if there's anything from the Primark beauty range you think I should try! 

Lucy XO 

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