11 August 2016

What I Bought On Holiday!

If you follow me on Twitter (@lucybrooke_) Instagram (@lucysbrooke) and Snapchat (lucybrooke95) you'll have hated me for the last 2 weeks that I've been away! I traveled to Lanzarote with my family and boyfriend and had a lovely, relaxed 2 weeks in the sun. Unfortunately I'm now back in the not-so-sunny London but I was really excited to show you the beauty bits I picked up on my trip!

Benefit Do the Hoola Face Set (EasyJet) YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 47 Beige Blouse, Escada 30ml Perfume and 5 Metallic Eyeliners from Various Brands.

Who doesn't love a holiday scent? This Escada Perfume was everywhere when I was on holiday and I love how floral and sweet smelling it is. My usual tactic is buy a scent, which I do not wear at home, and wear it on holiday so that once worn back in England it will remind me of my holiday! That also explains why I get a smaller bottle than usual, I get bored of perfumes quiet easily and buying small but many means you can switch them up!

I'm afraid to say there is no way I can tell you where to purchase any of these metallic eye-liners in the UK. They caught my eye in one of the local shops as they just seemed so unusual and a great chance to have a play with something new! They only cost 90 cents hence why I purchased five; silver, gold, copper, blue/silver and a purple. I can't wait to have a play around with these and create some great eye looks!

The 'Do the Hoola' set by Benefit was an in flight purchase on the way home, I'd eye'd it up on my way out but decided to see how much I had left and it had a bonus 20% off on the flight home! The kit comes with; Do the Hoola Liquid Bronze, Do the Hoola Powder (mini), They're Real Mascara (mini) Bene-Balm Lip Tint, Do the Hoola Lip Gloss. I'm also going to do a post on how to use the items as the kit comes with a great 'tips and tricks' section. 

I've always looked at YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks as a luxury item. One of the Fund Grube shops had an offer when you spent a given amount and my mum also wanted a perfume from there so I ended up only paying about £20! It's also a fab shade that I know I will wear loads and I cant wait to try out some different colours!

I did also buy a few (a lot) of clothes and little bits and pieces which I previewed on my Snapchat so be sure to follow me to have a look! I absolutely love buying little beauty treats on holiday and can't wait to write a few posts with looks focusing on the bits I bought!

Lucy XO

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