3 September 2016

eBay Bargain Palettes

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts (all links on my home page/follow me page) you would have seen these gorgeous palettes a few weeks ago via Snapchat. Fellow blogger Taylor (or tmaemakeup), go follow her Snapchat and I'm sure you will not be disappointed, had Snapped one of these palettes and I just had to get my hands on it! I contacted her over on Twitter and she was so lovely to send me a link. I bought all three of the palettes that this company offer via eBay and they came to less than £10, I thought that if they weren't that great one of my cousins would gratefully accept. 

Unfortunately for them they are completely gorgeous and I can not wait to have a go at creating looks with these! There's a neutral palette which is full of just matte shadows, then a more daring palette that includes shimmers and mattes giving a variety of looks that you can create! The final palette includes neutral shadows that then range in mattes and shimmers. 

There are a few issues with these palettes such as; they don't actually have names and a few of the shadows have cracked in transit but, they were only £2.99 each so can you really moan? I'll be doing individual posts on each of the palettes with a look and swatches so we can really see what the colour pay off is like! I'm really looking forward to making some different looks with these palettes and can't wait to try them out! Also make sure to check out Taylor and her blog, tmaemakeup! 

Lucy XO

(All palettes have direct links below the photographs, all photographs are my own not those of the company who sell these.)

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