8 November 2016

A Blogosphere Christmas

I'm going to firstly start this post with an apology for my absence. Life has been pretty hectic recently and I'm afraid to say that my blogging has been put aside from University work (I'm in my final year at last!) Physio and sorting my life out in general. I can no longer promise to be regular but I can promise to try XO

Now onto the actual post! I recently went to a lovely event in London held by Blogosphere who created a winter wonderland for bloggers to come and chat as well as view some companies! Those companies included The London Tea Company, Latest in Beauty, So...?, 7th Heaven and Social Super Store.

Social Super Store are a new app that allows bloggers (and practically everyone) to create an online profile telling people where items listed on your blog are from and directly allows them to buy them through the app. I signed up on the day and have been loving the app as well as creating loads of collections for you all to know where my everyday make-up pieces, my makeup collection and where everything in my wishlist are from! If you download the app and follow me you can even purchase the items directly by clicking on the image! My username is: @lucysbrooke 

I love tea so when I saw that The London Tea Company had a stall I couldn't wait to get my hands on a free tester of their new winter tea (which tastes amazing btw) and have a chat with the ladies there! The lady there was so lovely and I had a chat with her all about tea, which is a great subject for any discussion! The company also gave us a tote bag with a lucky-dip tea selection, a tea-towel and a sample of their new tea! 

You would not believe my excitement when I saw this stand, is it not the most christmas-y thing you ever laid eyes on? The girl from Latest in Beauty talked to us all about their gorgeous advent calendar, which we even got the chance to win, and their companies plans for the future months! I am just as excited as the girls who were there were and we also received two items as gifts which will both be part of there subscriptions boxes!

I have been a fan of 7th Heaven for many years and it was so lovely to have a chat with people working for the company all about their new products made to strengthen nails and soften cuticles! They were also so clued up on all the items they had and gave us free little stockings full to the brim with there products! They kindly gave us two of each product meaning one for ourselves and one for a friend, or in my case a mum who has already raided the selection!

Didn't every year 9 P.E. Session smell like So...? Perfumes or was that just my school? As a teenager I used to cover myself with this stuff as I declared it to be my signature scent. The company are releasing new scents as well as body mists which are so divine that I cannot begin to explain. Once again the team were so lovely and happy to chat with us about their products as well as give us all a gift bag filled with information on their products, two body mists and a So...? Gift set! 

This event was my second as a newbie Blogger and I must applaud the team at Blogosphere for making it such a welcoming and great event to be at! All the ladies on the stalls were so lovely and chatty that any nerves I had leaving the station soon flew away with the laughs and smiles they gave. I also had the chance to meet some new blogger friends and discuss our blogs together. Once again a huge thanks to all the stalls for the goodies which I'm sure will come in great use! 

Lucy XO

Here's a direct link to my Super Store to follow me: https://socialsuperstore.com/lucysbrooke

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  1. Ooh I might have seen you there Lucy, it really was a good event. I'm still getting through my goodies : ) xoxo