5 October 2016

Kylie Cosmetics Haul

Last time I was a little disappointed in the products that I bought from Kylie Cosmetics so you may be surprised to see me reviewing them again! I decided to pick up a few more of her Lip Kits (New Shades of Exposed and Dirty Peach) and one of her Birthday Edition items the Cream Eye-shadow in Copper. 

This Cream Eye-Shadow is so pretty and super pigmented! The only thing I do not like however is the almost crocodile skin effect it leaves after being applied for a while. It seems to bunch up and crease really easily if you try and layer the colour more than one layer thick. It's also rather hard to blend out however I manged with my Morphe 35OM palette to create a light blend right on the outside of the copper creme effect. 

I decided to add in my original Candy K shade of the lip kit just to help you guys with colour comparison. Each of these shades are a form of nude, Dirty Peach is obviously a peachy nude and Exposed is a true brown nude. I would say that if you're looking to switch up your nudes then Dirty Peach is a great choice however if you're like me and love a great staple nude then Candy K is your pink based nude and Exposed is the brown based. All the kits come with that sweet scent that Kylie Cosmetics are known for and they dry super quickly. I must say these aren't as long lasting as I would like but they are rather good at staying put all day without cracking. 

I really want to know what your just favorite Kylie products are and if you managed to get your hands on any of her birthday pieces!

Lucy XO

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