1 December 2016

Day 1 - Welcome to Blogmas!

This year I have decided to do Blogmas and I feel that a life update would be a good place to start due to me being MIA from blogging for a while. I was part of a really bad car crash in March and am still recovering from the after affects meaning my health and well-being has been my priority this year. I've been having physiotherapy and maxio-facial appointments to try and get my face a shoulder to a place where I am happy again. 

University is hell. I thought second year was bad but third year certainly isn't a walk in the park either. We only have 5 essays but they are all 4000 words and very theory/ reading heavy which means most of my time I'm reading, making notes or being a nerd in the library. There is one small blessing in the fact that I do not have a dissertation on my course but then again I do have a 3 month placement that is looming. I'm now getting taxi's to university due to a spinal injury which atleast allows me an extra hour in bed! 

 Blogmas is a way of kicking my butt into gear and getting me back to normal life again, I've missed blogging and the community surrounding it. I realised at the Blogosphere Christmas Market that although this may be a hobby it's one I really enjoy doing and allows me to have some downtime from teaching. So if you're reading this is my (mainly) beauty Blogmas with occasional present idea and baking bits! I'd love to hear if you guys are trying this out this year or if you have any posts you would love to see from me.


I'm Glad to be Back XO

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