24 August 2016

Highlights for Every Budget

I love glowing to the Gods with highlighter. I love the fact that there is now no thing as being too highlighted and I also love the fact that every brand now does a highlighter whether it is high end or high street. I felt that this post would be a great chance to show you what your money can really get you if you look long and hard enough for a quality highlighter, as well as showing you the different prices of some of my favourite highlighters! So without further a-do lets get that glow!

I Heart Make-up £4.99

This was my most recent (and cheapest) purchase as a friend at work recommend this entire brand to me after she heard of my misery after my Too Faced highlighter ran out. On Snapchat (lucybrooke95) I showed you how this is identical to the Too Faced Triple Baked Highlighter, even down to the ingredients used. The fact that this product is the same as the Too Faced products means it is fabulous especially considering the price! The formula is so gorgeous and creamy whereas I was expecting quiet a lot of powder or 'chalkyness' when applied. I would so recommend this as it is a lovely pink/champagne shade that looks gorgeous on every skin tone and lasts all day long!

Maybelline Mater Sculpt Contouring Powder £.6.99

I have raved about the contour powder from this palette a thousand times over and the highlight is equally as great (if a little on the slim side). It's a gorgeous true champagne shade that has a great creamy consistency and is perfect for brow, bone and inner corner highlights. I tend to not use this for my overall face highlight as it just doesn't beam enough for me (wanna-be unicorn right here) but for many people it's a gorgeous natural glow! Considering that you get a contour and highlight in this kit I think it is totally affordable, I have also been using this set for near on 3 months and have yet to hit pan so it lasts absolutely ages!

Sleek Make-up Solstice Palette £9.99

Who hasn't raved about this gorgeous palette? Sleek Cosmetics have truly out done themselves with this gorgeous range of both powder and cream highlighters. You get so much for under £10 that I can't really justify spending more on a highlight ever again (Don't quote me on that!). I love the colour range too, ever type of highlight is covered, from cool neutrals through to lavender tones. All of the shades are super creamy and I'm super excited to try out the cream highlight as a base to create even more of a glow! 

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer £17.49

This is the highest price I have ever paid for a highlight and now I'm actually comparing it I'm not sure whether there is any reason to pay so much. YES the colour is fab, YES the formula is fab, YES you get a huge pan of product BUT is the product pretty much identical to some of the cheaper alternatives? Maybe so. I bought this on a whim, excitedly splurging on a few of The Balm's products and instantly falling in love. I also have the Bahama Mama palette to contour but there are dupes for that too and I think that if you really want to spend a little less the other palettes are just as good! I adore this highlight and do tend to use it everyday as I just love how it looks with my tan however I am glad I got the chance to play with some cheaper alternatives. 

I love the fact there is a great range of highlighters available to consumers now so we can all play around with make-up. Let me know any of your much loved highlights as I would love to give a few more a go!

Lucy XO


  1. The Goddess of Love one looks amazing and the Sleek palette is so pretty too! They show up so beautifully on your skin, I love your photos! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. I would really recommend them if your looking to try something new! Thank you so much! XO