10 September 2016

The Morphe 350M

When I start a post with 'I recently got paid...' we all know how this is going to turn out. I made an order, okay several different orders but this one has arrived first ... I bought the Morphe 350M palette from Beauty Bay after seeing that it had just come back in stock. I love Matte eye-shadows and I use them on a daily basis so this palette had to be mine plus it only costs £19.50 so it's super affordable! I have never owned a Morphe palette and after purchasing this one I think I shall start collecting an un-healthy amount. I will really appreciate any suggestions from you guys on your must have palettes and I'm also considering buying a few of their brushes after some great reviews! 

I feel this palette is great for everyone whether you're a beginner at make-up or know how to blend beyond belief. There are so many opportunities with this palette and I'm really looking forward to start using it on a daily basis! If you do not already own a Morphe Palette I would really recommend the 350M as a starter also if you do already own any Morphe products be sure to let me know down below or via Twitter! 

P.S. May or may not have made a large order on Kylie Cosmetics to try out a few of her new bits oops!

Lucy XO

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