28 September 2016

#VAVAVIVID by Maybelline New York

I recently received the opportunity to go with Maybelline to LFW and they very kindly gave every person there a full set of the new Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks. These range from nude shades, both with a brown and pink base, to reds and plums. 

The range of colours is amazing and ever colour is so wearable! Of course the nudes are my go to but I was also pleasantly surprised by Orange Shot which is a lovely orange/red which I normally wouldn't wear! The formula is also lovely as they are super matte but aren't drying at all, there is no sign of flaking either!

Of course you don't need to buy every shade of this formula however if you have a favorite I would grab it as they are amazing! It was amazingly kind for Maybelline to gift every blogger there with a special tote bag, show room pass and this set. There was also some amazing stickers of the shades inside the bag which I need to find a home for - maybe one of my many acrylic draws?

Lucy XO

All opinions are my own and this is not an advertisement for Maybelline I was just very grateful for the gifts - there was no obligation to write a post .
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