7 December 2016

Blogmas Day 7 - The Holy Grail

The Violet Voss Palettes have been the most hyped eye-shadow palette of the year. Their Holy-Grail palette has been restocked on Beauty Bay so many times that it simply had to be as great as the Bloggers say! I own two of the Violet Voss their collaboration with Laura Lee and their sold out Holy Grail palette- both of which I purchased from Beauty Bay. 

The Holy Grail palette has been sold out on pretty much every website from the day it landed in the UK. It is a great mixture of warm cranberry shades and neutral blending shades. There's a great range of mattes and shimmers included making it possible to make so many different eye looks from one palette.

This was actually the first palette from Violet Voss I purchased as the Holy Grail was sold out and I simply wanted one. The best thing about this set is definitely the shade names and I feel Laura Lee has been really creative especially with names such as Raga Muffin and Rammer Jammer. Violet Voss have outdone themselves on this palette with a great range of colours varying in Warm and Cold tones. 

These palettes are slightly on the price-y end of the scales retailing at £48.00 each however there are 20 shades included in each palette.

Lucy XO

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